Airfield Escape

My head was a little bit tender when I woke up this morning and my brain was a little bit fuzzy – a Prosecco-type fuzziness, after an incredibly fun 40th last night. What I really didn’t want to do was get five of us up and dressed and into the car by 10.15am, but I’d promised the kids a trip to Airfield, and backing out wasn’t an option.

We’d been invited on a guided tour of the 38 acre working farm in Dundrum, with promises of animals, flower gardens, vintage cars, a zip wire and coffee. As I hurried the kids into the car, I focused exclusively on the coffee.

Within minutes of our arrival, the six-year-old had declared it to be the “best place in the world” and as we sat on a bench in the sun, eating shortbread cookies and madeleines, and sipping the all important coffee, I had to agree it did feel pretty good.


Fortified with sugar and caffeine, we set off on our tour of Airfield, led by a wonderfully engaging guide called Eoghan who explained everything in great detail, but in a way that kids (and slightly tender adults) could easily follow.

We saw beautiful flower gardens, and lavender and honey bees

Airfield flower garden office mum


Airfield lavender office mum

We fed chickens, including some who lay blue eggs

Chickens Airfield Office Mum

And we heard that local DEIS school children come to Airfield to learn about food – they collect eggs from the hen-houses which are then cooked for them for breakfast (tired and emotional adults might have welled up a bit at that little bit of information.)

sunshine cornCourgette - Airfield - Office MumThe kids milked Bó, the model cow, then went into the milking parlour to hear how it’s really done


They saw goats, sheep, cows and pigs, stopping at each turn to hear details and ask and answer questions.

“Why do you think there’s straw here?” asked Eoghan.

“To catch the goats’ wee, because they don’t wear pants!” my usually shy six-year-old answered gleefully.

cow house

After our tour, it was time for a barbecue in the fabulously decorated Green Barn

Green Barn Airfield - Office Mum

barbecue Green Barn AirfieldThe food was incredible, and the highlight was dessert – chocolate mousse or rhubarb crumble. Or both if you just desperately need both…

Rhubarb crumble Airfield

Chocolate mousse Airfield After lunch, we wandered through the Naturescape – a wooded path dotted with play areas for the kids – a zip wire, a climbing frame, and picnic areas perfect for fairies and little people:

fairy picnic

As we rambled around the farm, through woods and past fields, it was hard to believe we were in a built-up area of south county Dublin. We were in true countryside – quiet, green, calming and fresh. Restorative in every sense. We spent five hours in Airfield today, and still didn’t see it all. And we didn’t go into the main house to read more about the history of Letitia and Naomi Overend, the fascinating sisters who owned the farm and put in trust for after their deaths, which is why we can still enjoy it today. But hey, that’s a perfect excuse to go back.


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We were guests of Airfield but all opinions are my own

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5 thoughts on “Airfield Escape”

  1. That’s sound so lovely. I had never heard of it (but then again I do sometimes feel I’m living under a glass bell).
    Must try to go with hubby and boys, sometimes, when I get half organised.

    1. Do, it’s really, really lovely. And there’s usually lots of parking and it’s not crazy busy, and it’s very peaceful.

    1. I think you’d love it Naomi, loads and loads of space for the kids to run around, trees to climb, animals, woodland trails – it has everything. AND Dundrum shopping centre is only a five minute walk away, in case you needed some retail therapy too 🙂

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