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ALL HER FAULT published by Bantam Press (Transworld) July 2021 was the Sunday Times Crime Book of the Month, an Irish Times Top Ten Bestseller, a Kindle Top Five bestseller, and was shortlisted for Irish Crime Book of the Year in the 2021 at the An Post Irish Book Awards. The paperback edition, published Feb 2022 was a Number 6 Sunday Times Bestseller.


Marissa Irvine arrives at 14 Tudor Grove, expecting to pick up her young son Milo from his first playdate with a boy at his new school. But the woman who answers the door isn’t a mother she recognises. She isn’t the nanny. She doesn’t have Milo. And so begins every parent’s worst nightmare.


As news of the disappearance filters through the quiet Dublin suburb and an unexpected suspect is named, whispers start to spread about the women most closely connected to the shocking event. Because only one of them may have taken Milo – but they could all be blamed . . .


All Her Fault Andrea Mara Office Mum

All Her Fault – author reviews:

Wow, All Her Fault gripped from the first page and didn’t let up! It played on my worst fears and kept upping the stakes…great plotting, I didn’t predict any of the twists and turns! Superb characters that were brilliantly crafted. Congrats . . . This book will fly! – Sarah Pearse, author of THE SANATORIUM

Wow! Loved it. The pace is breakneck. A book where no one is who you think they are. And just when you think you have it all figured out you are thrown another curveball. Highly recommended. I flew through it. All Her Fault will be a huge bestseller. ― Patricia Gibney, author of THE LOST CHILD

Immediately compelling, All Her Fault explores every mother’s worst nightmare and delivers deftly original twists. ― Phoebe Morgan, author of THE BABYSITTER

With a genuinely terrifying opening, fans of Big Little Lies will enjoy this slice of twisty domestic noir with a distinct south Dublin flavour. ― Sinéad Crowley, author of ONE BAD TURN

All Her Fault drops you straight into a nightmare scenario that plays on some of our worst fears. The delicious equivalent of a binge-watch, I powered through this book in one sitting. Think Big Little Lies meets The Undoing – I had a blast accusing everyone of everything, as each chapter introduced a new twist or revelation to undo my prior conviction. A fantastic, immersive read, proving that people behaving badly really do make for the best company! ― Jacqueline Bublitz, author of BEFORE YOU KNEW MY NAME

A wonderfully twisty nightmare of a domestic thriller. ― Emma Curtis, author of KEEP HER QUIET

One of Mara’s myriad talents is identifying those subterranean paranoias of modern life – the vulnerability of an online presence, the trust we place in strangers – and masterfully worrying at these fears to keep us hooked and horrifed in equal measure all the way to the last page. All Her Fault simmers with unbearable anxiety before the gut punch of its charged and riveting climax. You cannot look away. ― Sophie White, author of UNFILTERED

Gripping and twisty. ― Andrea Carter, author of the Inishowen series 

From its heart-stopping opening through to the twist on the final page, I raced through All Her Fault. It says a lot about Andrea Mara’s fantastic plotting that I never guessed whodunnit – and I more or less suspected everyone. ― Nicola Rayner, author of THE GIRL BEFORE YOU and YOU AND ME

I couldn’t put down All Her Fault, so many wicked, wicked twists! Utterly gripping, so believable and just the most perfect ending. Superb! ― Sam Blake, author of THE DARK ROOM

It was gripping and emotional and I couldn’t put it down. The twist was intricately woven into the storyline, but so cleverly done that I didn’t see it coming at all. I loved the relationship between the women, and the wonderful portrayal of female friendship developing even in the darkest of circumstances. ― Eleanor Ray, author of EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL

A thought-provoking rollercoaster of a read with a shocking but satisfying twist – highly recommended! ― Roz Watkins, author of CUT TO THE BONE

All Her Fault is a fantastic read. Gripping and real, with a whole host of flawed characters, it explores motherhood, relationships and friendship in a twisted unravelling of every parent’s worst nightmare. ― Lauren North, author of THE PERFECT BETRAYAL

A dark and twisted thriller which will make most parents triple check their security settings! This is another cracking read from a writer who is at the top of her game and wow… that twist floored me! ― Claire Allan, author of HER NAME WAS ROSE

A great page-turning thriller with fantastic twists. Loved it. – Sinéad Moriarty, author of ABOUT US

All Her Fault in the media:

“Mara’s stunningly original plot has its roots in the powerful emotions aroused by motherhood” – All Her Fault is The Sunday Times Crime Book of the Month

Sunday Times All Her Fault

“A brilliant premise, wonderfully executed … Mara’s prose is crisp and precise. A taut, superbly designed novel that will keep most readers guessing right to the end.” – Sunday Business Post

“This is a book which would probably reward a second reading, perhaps a few months later, when the details have faded a little from memory. It’s really that good.” – Examiner.

“Two-thirds of the way through, Mara flips our understanding of what’s going on expertly and completely neatly switching All Her Fault from one type of book into something else entirely. It is unexpected, deft and thoughtful.”  – Sunday Independent

“Long-time Andrea Mara readers first discovered her brilliant writing about work and family life on, her hugely popular blog, but in recent years she has become one of Ireland’s best crime novelists.Her latest thriller, All Her Fault, is published this month, and is her most captivating yet; the ideal summer read” – Liadán Hynes Life Magazine (Sunday Independent)

“Someone has taken Marissa’s child; the fun in this fiendishly twisting narrative is trying to work out who that might be.” – Book Awards announcement in the Independent

“Terrific stuff…perfectly built for summer.” – Ryan Tubridy on RTÉ Radio 1 during an interview you can listen to here

Ryan Tubridy Andrea Mara All Her Fault

“A gripping, intricately written story that’s easy to devour” – Heat Magazine

Andrea Mara All Her Fault Heat Magazine

“An intensely twisty thriller guaranteed to keep you guessing” – New magazine

“If you like your thrillers with endless twists and a high body count, you will lap this up” – The Sun

“Deftly plotted, twist follows jaw-dropping twist in this whip-smart Dublin set thriller” – Real People magazine

The Hot 100 Essential Sumer List features All Her Fault in the book section.

50 Hot Reads for Summer in the Sunday Independent

24 Must Reads for Summer in CultureFly

“Her best yet, and a truly gripping, twisty tale” – Sunday Independent

Andrea Mara All Her Fault

All Her Fault in the charts:

Irish Times Top Ten bestseller

UK Top Five Bestseller in overall Kindle chart:

All Her Fault Kindle Top 4 bestseller

Dubray Number 1 bestseller across all shops

Eason Top 5 best-seller 

All Her Fault in bookshops:

Dubray Staff Recommended Reads for August


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All Her Fault Net Galley Reviews:

Andrea Mar All Her Fault Net Galley Reviews


All Her Fault Book Blog Reviews:

“A terrifying scenario, Andrea Mara cleverly weaves it all together in a very tight plot, making All Her Fault a very engrossing and exciting page-turner.” – Swirl and Thread 

“All Her Fault has everything that will keep you flipping the pages, mystery, and thriller fans as well as general fiction enthusiasts will love this book . . . It’s beautifully written and draws you into the lives of the mothers in this quiet Dublin suburb” – Featzreviews

All Her Fault is a very fast paced novel with short chapters and from the beginning, I found it very difficult to put down” – PortableMagic

“I won’t ruin it with any spoilers but the ending is one of the best endings I have read in a book in a very long time and had me thinking about it for hours” – SharneyCatBook

“All Her Fault is a very well-plotted, intricate novel with characters that you will love to hate” – AlexFictionAddiction



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