Product Review: Veronica’s Snacks

I was asked recently if I’d like to try Veronica’s Snacks – a relatively new company, started just last year by mum of three Veronica Kenneally. I’m a sucker for a start-up, an Irish company, a mum running her own business. And I like crisps. So I said yes please.

My crisps arrived a few days later, to the delight of my two testers (the toddler was excluded from the judging panel). We sat down on Saturday evening, during bed-time stories, and opened our packet of Roast Garlic & Mixed Herbs Veggie Crisps

Office Mum review of Veronica's Crisps

I put a handful of crisps each in the girls’ bowls, and they counted carefully to make sure there was the same number in each. Then they ceremoniously took one crisp each – both going for beetroot because it’s a pinkish shade, and took a bite.

“Mmmmmm, these are yummy!” was the reaction on both sides, as they dug in to the bowls in a less restrained way to try some more. They were delighted with the different colours and I didn’t mention that there was any link to vegetables – that would have caused an immediate downing of tools in my house.

Consensus: “Dee-licious mum and when can we try the next pack?”

I promised we’d taste-test the next pack soon, and ear-marked a pack of Roast Tomato and Spanish Paprika Veggie Crisps.

But then, it was Thursday night. The kids were asleep. We were watching The Good Wife. We were drinking Prosecco – this isn’t a usual Thursday night occurrence, there were extenuating circumstances I promise. At 11 o’clock, I started eyeing up the crisps. By 11.15, they were gone. They were DELICIOUS. Seriously fabulous accompaniment to Prosecco, with the added bonus of being almost healthy (yes I know that’s a stretch – but compared to eating a bag of Sensations or a box of Pringles, I felt positively virtuous afterwards).

For our final test, we brought a sharing pack of Sour Cream, Herb and Onion Potato Crisps to the park with us on Friday. The sun was out for the first time in what felt like months, the jackets were off, and the three kids were straight into the sandpit. Sandy hands and crisps don’t go terribly well together but we managed to wipe everyone to a relatively clean state using the grass and my jacket, and the final test took place. Of course, being outdoors, feeling very picnic-y, made this the “new most delicious packet of crisps ever” and between us, we demolished the lot, sand and all.

So yes, I would definitely buy, and definitely recommend Veronica’s Snacks – they were really tasty, and there’s reassurance in knowing that they’ve 60% less fat than standard crisps. They’re made from organic ingredients and are baked rather than fried. So I feel less guilty giving them to the kids too. You can buy Veronica’s Snacks in all main supermarkets and online as well.

Now I just need to figure out what possessed me to write this review while I’m starving. Though there are three packets of crisps left …


I received a hamper of crisps from Veronica’s Snacks but wasn’t paid for this review – all opinions are my own – and those of my children 🙂


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  1. They sound delicious ! Going on a supermarket hunt tomorrow, perfect for Paddy’s weekend to accompany a few drinks (we have visitors! ). Will report back, thanks for recommendation.

    1. You know, I’m not sure they were developed to go with drinks but seriously, I’m still thinking about them nearly a week later!

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