Reviews for The Sleeper Lies

“A snowy winter, a deserted cottage, mysterious footprints – Andrea Mara’s new book has all the elements of a gripping thriller and does not disappoint. This is a hugely enjoyable novel with an engaging  heroine and some great twists. Recommended!” Sinéad Crowley, author of One Bad Turn

“A great cast of characters, a dark family secret, and a good many twists make this a deliciously suspenseful and thoroughly enjoyable read.”  Michelle Sacks, author of You Were Made for This

“The Sleeper Lies is richly drawn and utterly addictive. Part-family drama, part-thoroughly contemporary thriller, shocks of terror abound in these pages of snowy isolation and creeping dread. Mara is a master, I loved it.” Sophie White, author of Filter This

“Excellent storytelling and characterisation, very atmospheric. Kept me turning the pages – mysterious and intriguing.”   Patricia Gibney, author of Broken Souls

“Creepy, twisty and unsettling, with relatable characters and a truly gripping plot.” Roz Watkins, author of Dead Man’s Daughter

“Secrets and lies settle like snow in this cool, calculated suspense. A mood of unease swirls around an isolated cottage in the wood, where a knotty plot keeps the answers eerily out of sight. Fans of domestic noir, small-town mysteries, Irish crime – or just thrilling tales told with heart and soul – have found their new obsession! A perfect read for a long winter night.” — Jo Furniss, author of The Trailing Spouse

“I hung on every perfectly-chosen word. The Sleeper Lies is almost unbearably atmospheric, with a deftly-woven and rocket-fuelled plot. Be sure to cancel your plans when you buy this because you’re not going to be able to put it down!” Kate Simants, author of Lock Me In

‘An absorbing and atmospheric read, The Sleeper Lies is complex, claustrophobic and, like its snowy setting, utterly chilling.’ Catherine Kirwan, author of Darkest Truth

“This is a slow-building tense read which will make you feel on edge, in a good way! Clever use of plot and of bringing all the strands together without cheating the reader” – Woman’s Way

“Mara’s third novel is chilling from the first line . . .The icy atmosphere is pervasive with a wonderful pairing the fictional towns of Carricckderg, Wicklow and Kobaek, Denmark. . . Mara is becoming a master of mystery.” Sunday Independent.

“Andrea Mara has a unique way of loading every page with a subtle tension… This book blew my mind and is already topping my list for thriller of the year!” Linda Green, Books of All Kinds Blog

“The Sleeper Lies is another highly enjoyable read from Andrea Mara. Packed with suspense and lots of chills The Sleeper Lies is a complex and threatening tale. A foreboding, dark and very atmospheric read.” Mairéad Hearne Swirl and Thread

“A fantastic thriller set in Ireland, by a fabulous Irish writer, you’ll want to get your hands on this one!” – Sara at SaraWimmReads

“As I suspected she would, Andrea has delivered . . .again. I devoured it.” Bookworms Blog

“Andrea Mara provides her readers with a mind blowing twist and a deeply satisfying conclusion to what is an absorbing, haunting, tense and thrilling read and is once again an utter triumph for the author. Let’s hope she continues in this vein for many years to come.” Emma the Bookworm

Praise for Andrea Mara:

“Andrea Mara’s tight plotting and convincing characterisation make her books both compelling and intriguing.” – Liz Nugent, author of Our Little Cruelties

Andrea Mara writes twisty mysteries that keep me turning pages.” – Jo Spain, author of Six Wicked Reasons 


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