Swapping paper plates for customised mugs: Colorines Wonderful

For two weeks last month we were kitchenless. Two weeks of paper plates, cereal spills, microwaved mashed potato and washing dishes in the bathroom. Then finally, we got our kitchen back, except it was bigger and brighter and not falling apart. And very aptly, on the first day that our new kitchen was open for use, a package arrived in the post. Five beautifully hand-painted, customised mugs from the very talented Patricia Conesa of Colorines Wonderful.

The kids were so excited to see their own names on the mugs, and corresponding pictures for each one: a princess for Clara, a mermaid for Emmie and Mickey Mouse for Sam. There were even mugs for the grownups – a football theme for one and a laptop for the other (I was big into football in my day you know).

office mum colorines wonderful mug

office mum photo colorines wonderful mug


We tried out the cups straight away, on that first day in our new kitchen at our new island; on the kids part this was because they couldn’t wait a second longer, and on my part, it was because I was petrified that one of the mugs would break before I’d have the chance to photograph them.

office mum photo colorines wonderful mug

office mum photo colorines wonderful mug

Happily they didn’t break, and weeks later, they are still insisting that their hot chocolate and coffee (not real coffee) is served in their “special cups”

office mum kids

Patricia is an Irish Parent Blogger with a hobby that she has recently turned into a small business: you can order mugs (and now teapots too) via her Etsy shop, where you can give her the name to use and any other relevant details – hobbies, job, hair-colour, likes, dislikes – anything that will make the mug personal to the lucky recipient. 

The mugs are really, really gorgeous to look at and practical to use (dishwasher safe) and because of the customisation, you can seem like a very thoughtful person if you give one of these as a present!

Patricia has also just added tea-pots to her shop – I think I’m going to need one of these:

office mum post - teapot

The mugs are just €10 each so stocking filler price – I hope this really takes off for Patricia; it’s inspiring to see people turning their passions into businesses, and she is a very lovely person.

You can find Patricia at her Etsy shop, on Facebook , on her blog Colorines Wonderful , or on Twitter. And if you’re related to me, you might just be getting one of these for yourself soon 🙂


 The serious bit at the end: this review is absolutely my own opinion and I didn’t receive any payment, but I did get those five lovely mugs from Patricia.



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