When the age-gap is small…

When my first baby was a year old, my husband and I thought we had it licked. “This is pretty easy actually,” we said to each other, “We’ve come through the first year unscathed, let’s have another one!” I mean, how much harder could two possibly be?

As it turned out, when the first baby is still a baby, it’s pretty hard having two. At least that’s how it was in our house. Those first three months, with two-under-two, are still a bit hazy, but I do remember feeling very stressed, and this was compounded by feeling that there was something wrong – everyone else with two kids seemed to be doing just great – why weren’t we? I wrote about here for eumom.ie : When the age gap is small, the days can be long

office mum photo of daughters

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4 thoughts on “When the age-gap is small…”

  1. OH, it’s sooo hard! I did think, though, and still do (of course I stopped at two so it might be different when you go on to have another) that I was done and that thought got me through a lot of long days! Lovely article.

    1. I think that contrary to my previous plans for three, there were times during the early days when I thought I was done too!! Thanks for the lovely comment, and yay that we’re all past the tough stuff (for now….)

    1. yes – I can totally relate to that. I think much as we hear that parents today spend too much time taking photos and not enough time enjoying the moment, there’s a lot to be said for having a record of the good days

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