Today is our childminder’s last day, and the kids are upset. They are reacting in different ways.

I asked Emmie, who is four, how she feels about it. “Sad” was her answer. I gave her another big hug and said that I’m sad too. I think she will be OK. She won’t run into the arms of the new childminder, but she’ll be fine in time.

Clara who is almost six is more upset. She has been acting out for three days, fighting with her siblings, slamming doors, hurting people. I asked her about her feelings – she said she doesn’t know how to explain how see feels, but she thinks she’s “angry” and “sad”. I think if she knew the words “hurt” and “betrayed” she might use those too.

This is just awful.

I feel bad for Clara that she’s going through this. I feel bad for the rest of us that we’re bearing the brunt of her upset, especially her smaller brother and sister.
But most of all I’m petrified that she’s going to scare off the new nanny.

The girls keep saying “we don’t want a new minder” and I’m reminded of that film where the kids didn’t like their successive nannies and plot to rid of them.
I think by accident or design, there’s a significant chance that my kids are going to do this.

Nanny McPhee would sort them out (image credit

I’m not sure they’re advanced enough to hide her shoes or put spiders in her handbag, but just slamming doors, arguing, hitting each other and shouting should do it just fine.

I am already working on cleaning the house and clearing the clutter and half thinking about getting the carpets washed (excessive I know). The fridge will be stocked and there will be fresh scones. I will do everything I can to make our house feel warm and welcoming for our new childminder, a good place to work.

Not sure what to do about the kids though, and they come with the house…


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3 thoughts on “Nanny-antics”

  1. I think she’ll survive.
    She’ll know the kids are used to your previous minder and will need time.
    Good luck, to all of you.

    1. thank you. We met her again tonight and the kids were fairly angelic which lulled her into hopefully coming back to us on her start date at least! She is fab, really lovely so I hope she stays..

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