Product review: MikaB Teething Jewellery

My baby is not so much a teether, more of a biter. Happily for him and for me, he hasn’t ever gone through a really painful teething period, but he does love a good bite. Of anything. My shoulder. My handbag strap. His sister’s leg. Dolls’ legs. Blankets. My husband’s nose. Anything.  Whenever he can.
I think it’s partly underlying, ongoing, incessant, low-level teething.
And partly a little bit of venting – the trials and tribulations that go around in his baby head need to be let out somewhere – sometimes he walks up and kicks the dishwasher (a new and slightly worrying development) but mostly he just bites down on whatever is on front of him.
And some of it is affection – at least his way of showing affection. Just not great for the bitee when he chomps down a little too hard.
So when I was asked if I’d be interested in trying out some MikaB teething jewellery, I jumped at he chance.
I figured, whether he’s truly teething or just feeling the need to bite down on something, rather he chews jewellery than my shoulder.
The three pieces that we road-tested are pictured here:
Our favourite was the purple pendant. Sam loved chewing this – as soon as he saw it around my neck, it caught his attention and he in turn made a grab for it. After a few satisfying minutes of gnawing, he decided that he wanted it for himself so pulled at it get it off my neck. This doesn’t work well when he does it to my other jewellery – a recently snapped silver chain is evidence of this. But with the MikaB jewellery, there is a plastic clasp at the back which opens immediately when pressure is put on the cord. This is of course good from the perspective of avoiding breakage, but much more importantly it’s a safety feature in case your little one gets a hold of the pendant during an unsupervised moment.
Sam wanted to wear it himself then – this isn’t recommended and it’s not what it’s for, but I was with him at the time so I let him have it around his neck for a few minutes. Cue further happy biting down, along with a proud smile at his accessory. So this one was a big hit in our house and we’re still happily using it every day.
The next piece we tried was the red bangle. Again this was of great interest to Sam but more so for wearing himself. When it was on my wrist he didn’t try to use it as a teether, he just tried to take it to wear (having two big sisters seems to have inspired a taste for accessories).

I have a sense that the bangle would be great with smaller babies – I remember carrying mine when they were four, five, six months – facing outwards, over my fore-arm if that makes sense, and I can imagine that that would be a perfect position for the smaller teething baby to gnaw on the bangle.

The third piece we tried was the green necklace. Sam didn’t try to chew on this as much as he did the purple pendant while it was around my neck, but again was far more interested when he had it to himself (which I stress is not the purpose and it’s not supposed to be worn by or given to children under three!)
From an aesthetic perspective, the purples pendant was the winner for me – it’s very like a piece of jewellery that I have already and would happily wear as “real” jewellery. The red bangle is also something that would suit being worn with anything and it comes in different colours as you can see here
For me, the green necklace was less in synch with the kind of accessories I would normally wear but that’s just a personal choice, and again, there is plenty to choose from in terms of colour.
As you can see from the website, the jewellery is made from non-toxic, food grade silicone (like the material used for soother teats) and can be washed in warm soapy water. Prices range from €9.50 to €16.50
What I particularly like is that it comes form a small, family owned business – Dominika and her husband Szymon, with their little tester Marlenka (as Dominika says),  based here in Dublin city-centre. I like the idea of supporting small start-up businesses and though I don’t love the term Mompreneur, I do love the idea of mothers being creative and starting their own businesses that fit around raising families. I just wish I had an idea of my own now…

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4 thoughts on “Product review: MikaB Teething Jewellery”

  1. I am totally liking the purple one. I’ve been pondering getting something like this now that the munchkin is entering into the dreaded teething phase of doom.

  2. Oh, I like that purple one. I had one of these ( – the mint green one pictured. I’m not sure how much use we got out of it as intended, but it was a nice piece to wear, back when all my jewellery was sequestered for fear of breakage and/or throttling Mummy.

    1. yep that’s it – even if they don’t actively teeth on the jewellery, it’s definitely preferable to breaking the family heirlooms (if only we had family heirlooms..)

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