Reward chart for grown-ups

It’s hard to fit everything into the working day:
morning rush, getting kids ready for school, getting self in somewhat presentable state for work, long commute catching up on e-mails and texts, work for eight hours, sort out optician appointments for kids, do online groceries or submit health insurance claims if there’s time to take a lunch break, commute home, do homework, calm tears, get clothes out for the following morning, brush little teeth, stories, calm tears again, kids in bed, laundry, dinner, tv, bed and off we go again…
time with my kids is significantly lacking in quantity, so I wanted to find a way to make sure there is some quality. I like lists and ticking boxes, so decided to make my own reward chart.
taking inspiration from a recent post about the Happiness Project on the Bumbles Of Rice blog and a little from the Orange Rhino I made a list of seven things I’d like to do each day, in order to be sure to pay attention to my smallies.
It sounds ridiculous, but my worry is that I’m rushing around so much doing all of the tasks listed above, and not taking time to smile at my five year old, hug my three year old and tickle my 15 month old until he has us all rolling around with his infectious laugh.
And as I mention at the bottom of the chart, I’d like to say that the reward is something meaningful and admirable, but it will probably be a handbag 🙂
Office Mum reward chart
This was the original reward chart before I got all technical:


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8 thoughts on “Reward chart for grown-ups”

  1. I’m at home with my children and yet there are days when I don’t stop getting things done. This is a great idea. I’m going to do it too.

  2. I find that on my days at home with them, I manage to fit in more hugs, but unfortunately the shouting potential increases too 🙁 so yes definitely something for work and home…

    1. I started saying “yes” a few months ago and it feels great – just small things, like when they ask to put on a princess costume just before bed. Part of me wants to say “ah no girls, come on, it’s bedtime” but they’re so happy when they hear a yes!

  3. This is brilliant! A very excellent idea. Sometimes it’s so hard to be mindful of the little but important things in the mania of daily life. Also, I think a handbag is a very worthy reward 😉

  4. yessss in fact a dress (as opposed to a handbag) was purchased today… and I’m not sure I really ticked all the boxes of the chart all week, but baby was up half the night so he owed me a dress 😉

    1. Ah! Was slightly freaked out for a minute! I was replacing my photo of my chart with my pdf version last night but very confused for a moment as to where it had shown up!!

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