Ten things I’ve learned about parenting

As part of lovely Learner Mama’s linky, I’ve put together ten random things I’ve learned about parenting. They apply to me; they may not apply to everyone. But I wish my pre-mother self had known some of them. Or maybe that would take the fun out of it…

1. Nothing you can buy or do will make your baby sleep through the night. A bear with a beating heart or giving porridge for tea might have worked for your friend, but it doesn’t mean it will work for you. Sometimes you just have to wait.

2. Puréed carrot doesn’t wash out of white tops

3. TV just might save your life (if your child isn’t into TV: you can train them)

4. The one-year-old who eats everything may grow into a four-year-old who will only eat plain pasta and bananas.

5. Not every parent is good at baking or crafting with kids (and that’s OK, they won’t end up in therapy)

6. The one time your child sleeps through, you will be woken by the house alarm going off or a party next door or just the eerie, unfamiliar silence of a sleeping child

7.  There’s an unwritten rule that the first holiday with a child is a complete shock to the system and after that, parents lower their expectations

8. Glitter is the enemy of sanity

9. There is no problem that can’t be solved by an impromptu kitchen disco (and it almost makes up for all the nights out you’re not having anymore)

10. Kids’ll drive you mad, but they’re actually pretty cool too

Office mum photo of kids dancing
Tonight’s kitchen disco: a bit of Katy Perry

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27 thoughts on “Ten things I’ve learned about parenting”

    1. LMAO at kitchen discos in the local elections (which maybe isn’t exactly what you meant but I know you’d go for it 🙂 )

    1. Loved taking part – thanks for the invite and for your list that inspired me! Especially your number 1…it FREAKED me out when it first happened

    1. Erm…no, your holiday is going to be AMAZING. It will involve lie-ins, cocktails, and lying by the pool reading books for hours on end. Honest.

    1. They are the best. We had Spin up to highest volume this evening, and the four of us just went for it 🙂

  1. Nodding away while straining to see what I assume is your new kitchen, swanky! Looks brilliant and I’m sure it was worth the hassle….maybe an update post should be written for your nosier readers!!!

    1. I am definitely planning a before and after post, just because I love looking at before and after photos!

  2. Great list. I think we share the same parenting standards! I am particularly pleased to see Number 5 included, and my children loved their lessons in “growing to love television in a room without their mother sitting beside them” and were surprisingly fast learners.
    tric recently posted…Second chance guestpost.My Profile

    1. Yes! I often hear people saying “well, my two year old isn’t interested in TV” and I really want to say “I promise you, put them on front of it and they’ll be addicted before you know it” Of course I don’t 🙂

    1. I love it too! The four of us sat there for an hour yesterday reading cook books, it was one of the loveliest things we’ve done to chill out ever.
      And yes, Suzy’s holiday will be fab and if it’s not, we’ll all get to read a very funny account of it 😉

    1. My kids think I’m a great dancer, which is just brilliant. Nobody has ever thought that before. As long as we keep the hall door closed, we can all be pop stars 🙂

    1. Initially I was trying to think of actual, important things I’ve learned – tips I could pass on. And I only got to five!!!! So I figured a lighter post would be easier 😉

    1. oh I forgot about moon sand – we had that once. Like you, I just remember thinking “but why?” 🙂
      We have a glitter ball too! Might not go so far as hanging it in my kitchen but we’ll see….

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