Things I said this week that didn’t make sense when I met my husband

“They’ll all be in the cloud thing anyway,” I said to my husband last night, talking about backing up my photos.

In the cloud
In the cloud

“Maybe we should put them on the lap top anyway,” he said. “Just in case the cloud runs out of space.”

It’s a conversation that wouldn’t have made much sense when we first met fifteen years ago. Any chats we had about clouds referred to white fluffy things in the sky. If at all. Since we were working together and dating secretly, I think we spent most of our time talking about whether or not anyone had figured out we were seeing each other. Especially when one afternoon in a suburban train station in Sydney, we heard a familiar voice, and a work colleague from home ran up to us, saying “I knew it! I knew you two were together!” Anyway, back to the clouds. It got me wondering about how many things one or other of us said this week that wouldn’t have made sense when we met fifteen years ago. Here are just a few:

“Where’s the remote for the Apple TV gone again?” Like clouds, apples weren’t a top conversation topic for us at the turn on the century, and certainly not in reference to television. We had some kind of cable TV, that gave us the basic UK and Irish channels, and we mostly watched Jonathan Ross and Big Brother – at the same time as everyone else did.

“Can you steam mop the kitchen and I’ll do the bathrooms?” I don’t know when steam mops were invented but I only discovered them recently. My steam mop makes me far happier than a household cleaning appliance really should.

“Did you renew the library books online or will we drop them back?” When I was a kid, library books were stamped manually by the librarian, we took out two at a time, and we diligently brought them back to the same library two weeks later. Today, we can take out dozens of books, self-check-out at the library and renew online. Oh and use OverDrive – a very cool app that lets you borrow ebooks, brilliant for holidays.

“What’s the forecast for tomorrow – here, I’ll check my phone.” Back in the day, phones were exclusively used for calling and texting (the two things that I now do least often on my phone.)

“Can you pick me up a coffee on the way home?” Fifteen years ago, the burnt-tar flavoured coffee at work was the only type we knew. It was another four years before I had my first takeaway cappuccino (I still remember it) and a full-blown addiction was born.

“We need a new series now that we’re finished Tyrant – is True Detective on Netflix?” Unlike my kids, who think all TV is and has always been on demand, back in 2000, live pausing or watching a series in one big box set binge just didn’t exist.

“Go on, open the Prosecco…” Back at the turn of the century, our everyday (not every day) drink was beer. Pints of lager, or bottles at home. Champagne was something you got at weddings, if even. Inexpensive sparkling wine is one of my favourite discoveries of the last five years.

“I just saw a thing on Twitter about blogging – some guy made 3 million euro last year – can you do that?” Eh, no.


When I’m not steam-mopping or watching Homeland knock-offs, here are a few other bits and pieces I’ve been doing:

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10 thoughts on “Things I said this week that didn’t make sense when I met my husband”

    1. Overdrive is great – we used it for holidays. Hugely helpful if you’re flying anywhere and can’t bring loads of hard copy books.

    1. Brilliant! Yes I tried to explain what cassettes were recently as we still have stereos with cassette players. Wide-eyed confusion all round 🙂

    1. The thing I hate about normal mops, apart from the extreme inefficiency and requirement for elbow grease, is the bucket of dirty water element. Tis far from steam mops we were all raised 🙂

    1. I totally get it – I’m petrified of losing photos. We have them backed up on a lap top and an external hard drive, and yes, even some printed. Now if I could just get my husband to look after the printing…

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