Ferry or Flight – Which is Easier When Travelling With Kids?


For five years in a row, we took the ferry to France, then last year, for the first time since having kids, we braved getting on a plane, and we did it again this year. Throughout the journey, I couldn’t help comparing flight and ferry in my head, so in case you’ve only done one … Continue reading “Ferry or Flight – Which is Easier When Travelling With Kids?”

The best of… no, wait, all the books I read this year

Last week I wrote about the books my kids loved this year – 28 recommendations from my kids to yours – so this week I thought I’d post about the books I loved in 2018. There are lots of “best books” newspaper articles and blog posts at the moment, and at first I thought about trying … Continue reading “The best of… no, wait, all the books I read this year”

Union Lido Campsite Review: Going back for more

I need to preface this post with a caveat: we went to Union Lido campsite in Italy for the second part of a two-centre holiday, the first part of which was spent in Bella Italia. We had an incredible time in Bella Italia, and had agreed that it didn’t matter that our mobile was fairly … Continue reading “Union Lido Campsite Review: Going back for more”

The Things I Thought I Knew – A Parenting Evolution

“But why can’t I make a sandwich with a burger bun?” my youngest asked, “There’s no bread in the press anyway.” He had a point. And despite being the mother who won’t let her kids have treats in their lunch boxes (I’m the meanest mother in the class apparently) and despite everything I know about … Continue reading “The Things I Thought I Knew – A Parenting Evolution”

Take me to the beach: A weekend in Malaga with my BFFs

Malaga city centre - office mum - andrea mara

Are you and your friends like me and my friends? We stay in touch on WhatsApp and Facebook. We grab coffee when we can, and we have really, really good nights out when we find a date that suits everyone. But we haven’t been away together since our hen parties a very long time ago, and with … Continue reading “Take me to the beach: A weekend in Malaga with my BFFs”

The bit in the middle

Sky Garden London - Office Mum

“Okay, five minutes reading time, then lights out,” I said to my smallest, after his story. “Six minutes? Pleeeeease?” “Okay, you can have six minutes reading time,” I said, earning me a best mum ever badge that was much shinier than that worst mum ever one I’d got earlier for making him come on the … Continue reading “The bit in the middle”

London Calling

Sky Garden London - Office Mum

London. I mean it’s London. It’s hard to capture it in a sentence or a blog post or a photo or even a weekend. And when we were planning our recent trip, that was my only stipulation – let’s not try to capture everything. Small legs can’t handle hours and hours of walking and sightseeing, … Continue reading “London Calling”

Pushing Boundaries

Colouring outside the lines. Slipping beyond the boundaries. Leaving schedules shivering in the morning chill as the plane takes off for sunnier places. Forgetting the routine that wraps up the day during the rest of the year. That’s the theory anyway. But as soon as we arrived in Spain, I realised boundaries were up for discussion at every turn. We … Continue reading “Pushing Boundaries”

When is a holiday not a holiday?

Offie Mum - wine - Dun Laoghaire

What’s your ideal holiday? If you had asked me ten years ago, the answer was easy. Reading good books, getting some sun, sleeping in, eating out. Basically relaxing. I didn’t need to go to the warmest beach or the hottest club – my needs were simple. Or so I thought. Until I first tried holidaying … Continue reading “When is a holiday not a holiday?”

Office Mum stories – Leisha McGrath

Leisha McGrath - office mum

“In my view the world is seriously missing out because employers are failing to be more creative in the types of working arrangements they offer to women.” Leisha McGrath is an Occupational Psychologist and mum of two. Here she talks about how redundancy prompted her to start working for herself, why she still likes a … Continue reading “Office Mum stories – Leisha McGrath”

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