Andrea Mara is a crime novelist from Dublin, Ireland, where she lives with her husband and three young children.

Her newest book, All Her Fault, will be published by Transworld | Penguin Random House in July 2021.

Her first book, The Other Side of the Wall, was shortlisted for the Kate O’Brien Award 2018 and was recently an Amazon number one bestseller in Irish Crime.

Her second book, One Click, was shortlisted for Irish Crime Novel of the Year at the 2018 An Post Irish Book Awards, and a recent number one on Amazon in Irish Crime and Northern Irish Crime.

Her third novel, The Sleeper Lies, published in February 2020, was an Irish Times Top Ten Bestseller.

Andrea also runs multi-award-winning parent and lifestyle blog,


That’s the official bio – here’s the background:

In a departure from blogging and freelance writing, in 2016 I turned to murder, mystery and suspense, and my first novel The Other Side of the Wall was published by Poolbeg Press on June 6th 2017.

The Other Side of the Wall Andrea Mara Office Mum


The book was partly inspired by the very regular night-time wakings of my youngest child, though I’m glad to say – unlike my main character – I never saw a body in the pond next door.

It’s about normal houses on normal roads and asks the question – how well do we really know our neighbours?

For full details on the story and all the reviews, jump to The Other Side of the Wall

One Click

My second book, One Click, was published on May 1st 2018, again by Poolbeg Press. It’s about a woman who takes a photo of a stranger on a beach then posts it online, with no idea of the unintended consequences to follow. Again it was inspired by a real life situation – in real life, I didn’t take the photo.

For the full blurb, and all the reviews, jump to One Click, or the link to Amazon is here.

One Click - Andrea Mara - Office Mum


The Sleeper Lies

My third book is a mystery thriller set during the big snow of March 2018, about a woman who lives in the middle of nowhere. She looks out one freezing morning and sees a trail of footprints across her snow-covered garden, right up to her bedroom window, where they’re deeper, as though someone stood for some time looking in at her while she was asleep.

Jump to The Sleeper Lies for the full blurb – publication date was February 2020.

All Her Fault 

In 2020, I signed a new two-book deal with Transworld, part of Penguin Random House. The first of those two books, All Her Fault, will be published in June 2021. It’s a story about a woman who goes to collect her child from a playdate, only the person who answers the door has never heard of her son. Cover coming soon!



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13 thoughts on “Books”

  1. I just finished your book and was very eager to see what other novels you’d written!! So I’ll read this one again while awaiting #2. Please hurry!!

    1. Hi Diane, thank you so much for your lovely comment – I’m delighted you enjoyed the book!
      And thanks to you, I’ve just realised I should have an announcement about my new book on this page, so I’ve added that. One Click should be published in May.
      Best wishes, Andrea

  2. I just bought your book online, on the other side of the wall, i have been introduced to it through some of my writing buddies. Hoping to read it as the reviews iv read is quite something! I’ve also heard it was your first book and i admire your courage to publish after been a freelancer and also a office mom.

    Look forward to reading soon and and hopefully purchasing your 2nd!

    Kulthum Simons

    1. Hi Kulthum,
      Thank you so much for your kind words – I hope you enjoy the book! I don’t know if it’s courage or not but I guess anyone who writes is putting themselves out there – maybe we’re all crazy!
      best wishes,

  3. Hi Andrea,
    I am a big fan of your books. I recently read One Click and I couldn’t put it down. THANK YOU so Much for writing such an epic and heart racing book.
    It had become my favourite book of all time
    Brinda Ibe Darcy

  4. I have devoured all three of your books and loved each one. Please tell me there is another one on the way??

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