Reviews for The Other Side of the Wall

“…masterful debut, which combines the ordinary themes of working mothers and modern suburbia, with all the foreboding malevolence of a Jeffery Deaver novel… a gripping read that is hard to put down and would make a great movie.” The Independent 

“I read this in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed it – the right side of chillingly good” – Woman’s Way

“A twisting tale of evil lurking behind a suburban hall door” Sinéad Crowley, author of One Bad Turn.

“This is a prime example of a superior grip lit book. From the first eerie chapter to the very last page it is quite literally unputdownable with an abundance of ‘oh!’ moments throughout. The characters are well developed and the subplots all deal with everyday-life issues that everyone I know will relate to. Honestly, a very, very superior debut.” – Margaret Scott, author of The Fallout.

“Finished it in three sittings… Grips and twists to the very end. A very clever and accomplished book.” – Emily Hourican, author of White Villa.

“Domestic Noir with believable characters and a clever, corkscrew plot.” Sue Leonard in the Irish Examiner –  Beginner’s Pluck column.

“The plot and the writing are excellent… [in] Mara’s well-paced thriller” – Sophie White, writing in The Domestic column in the Sunday Independent (LIFE magazine)

“Another recommendation from Wicklow Libraries is The Other Side of the Wall by Irish author Andrea Mara. We can guarantee you’ll have whiplash from the twists and turns this book takes.” – Wicklow Libraries on Instagram

“A deliciously twisty turney storyline, packed with suspense that will keep you guessing … until the very last page.”

“… a well written, engaging thriller about a woman who suspects strange goings-on next door – but with the stress of a mess at work, a new baby and a toddler, is her mind playing tricks on her? Or is someone in danger? Really, really liked this.” Sharon Leavy, Behind Green Eyes.

“This is a fine debut that you will struggle to put down.” Margaret Madden – and “A compelling psychological thriller with plenty of twists and turns” in her year-end roundup.

“THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WALL by Andrea Mara is a debut novel that will absolutely knock your socks off and leave you looking at your neighbours in a whole new light… Gripping, enthralling, and downright creepy, this novel has got it all… [it’s] the epitome of what a psychological thriller novel should be, and will leave you asking the question, do you ever really know what happens behind closed doors?” Linda Green’s review in Books Of All Kinds

“As a reader it feels as though she is telling the story to you alone, whispered confidentially in a quiet corner of a coffee shop in leafy south Dublin. It did not feel like a tentative first book by an aspiring writer, instead it has the confidence and sure touch of an established author.”  OftenCalledCathy

“Andrea Mara has written a remarkable debut novel that will make you reflect on what really goes on behind closed doors. The Other Side of The Wall is a well balanced novel that moves along at a very fast pace.” Mairead Hearne reviewing on and on her own blog Swirl and Thread

“Within just a paragraph of very cleverly structured words Andrea Mara had me gasping out loud and standing up out of my seat and almost applauding at what had just unfolded.” Emma Crowley, Shaz’s Book Blog

“…the kind of book that you don’t want to put down but you also don’t want it to end… when you realise what’s actually going on after a revelation, you’re left thinking OMG did NOT see that coming!” Sara on Not Another Book Blogger

“I can’t believe that this is Andrea’s debut novel, it was brilliant.  Cleverly researched and well constructed… full of twists and turns and by the end of it will have you questioning do we really know our neighbours? I LOVED it.” Celeste McCreesh Celeste Loves Books

“I absolutely loved it, the twists & turns were outstanding. I found myself thinking about the characters when the book wasn’t in my hands, I needed to know more. It’s a hard book to put down once you start and I love that!” – Nicola Naessens, SimplyHomemadeBlog

“[Andrea Mara] managed to build suspense and create such a fast paced and intense mystery that if, by some miracle, my two smallies hadn’t needed food, naps, nappy changes, toys from under the couch, I would easily read it in one sitting… Excellent debut novel by Andrea Mara – a must read!”  – Michelle Teahan MammyMayI

“The book is a fantastic page turner and is the kind of book that will make you stay up far later than you should just to see what happens next.” Elizabeth McDonnell –

“Andrea’s debut novel is a real page turner though. I finished it in two or three nights, staying up well past my usual lights out time because I simply couldn’t put it down.” Fionnuala Zinnecker –

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Andrea Mara The Other Side of the Wall Review

The other side of the wall Andrea Mara Beginner's Pluck

The Other Side of the Wall - Andrea Mara

Social Media pics and feedback when The Other Side of the Wall was published:

This is the first ever official reaction to the book, from a writer who has read a pre-publication copy – it’s the loveliest tweet I’ve ever seen so I’m keeping it here for posterity:

And I love this tweet from an early reader:

Okay one more that made my day:

And on Instagram (so Instagram doesn’t feel left out):

From Áine Toner, editor of Woman’s Way:

And for me, for a bit more posterity, I’ve kept a link to the very lovely good wishes I got on Facebook when I saw and signed my first copies of the book:

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