How to beat the daylight savings impact

Lots of people are worrying about the clocks going back and babies waking early, Here’s my take on it:

My baby wakes around 6am – he will wake at 6am tomorrow morning, though it will be considered to be 5am due to Daylight Savings.

So I’m not going to change my clock back tonight.
When he wakes at 6am, it will be 5am everywhere else in the country, but it will be 6am in my house, so I won’t feel like crying (at least not any more than every other morning)

Then tomorrow evening, around 5pm, just when I feel like I could do with another hour in my day, I’ll move the clock back to 4pm, and have some cake to make the most of the extra time.

Try it – it works every year in our house!


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