A sleep through the night spell (from the toddler’s floor)

I’m writing this intro from the floor of my toddler’s bedroom. He’s sort of asleep, but not quite. I’m safe to have my phone switched on, but it’s not yet time to sneak out of the room. I know this because I have been doing it every night for the last three months. Since we moved him into his own bed. And it’s finally working…. The magic and the mystery of a sleeping toddler is a post I wrote for eumom.ie, all about the holy grail that is STTN….

office mum photo of Sam
maybe he’d sleep better if he didn’t have ice cream…
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2 thoughts on “A sleep through the night spell (from the toddler’s floor)”

  1. I’ve had a good few nights of sleeping through in the last few weeks but have not mentioned it to anyone as I am so afraid it will stop. Mine are a lot older so no excuses. I have suddenly wondered why I am happy to get up early in the morning all through the Easter break…. and of course it is because I have had a full nights sleep! Fingers crossed for you!
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    1. Fingers crossed for you too Naomi! And for what it’s worth, I think your kids are very lucky to have the comfort you give them when they need it at night

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