The Other Side of the Wall

Shortlisted for the Kate O’Brien Award 2018

My first book, The Other Side of the Wall, was published by Poolbeg Press in June 2018. It’s a psychological thriller / domestic noir set in Dublin, about a woman who is up every night with her baby, and sees something strange in her neighbour’s garden.

The book was partly inspired by the very regular night-time wakings of my youngest child, though I’m glad to say – unlike my main character – I never saw a body in the pond next door.

The Other Side of the Wall Andrea Mara Office Mum

Below is a flavour of what the book is about:

When Sylvia looks out her bedroom window at night and sees a child face down in the pond next door, she races into her neighbour’s garden. But the pond is empty, and no-one is answering the door.

Wondering if night feeds and sleep deprivation are getting to her, she hurriedly retreats – the fact that a local child has gone missing must be preying on her mind. Then, a week later, she hears the sound of a man crying through her bedroom wall.

The man living next door, Sam, has recently moved in. His wife and children are away for the summer and he joins them at weekends. Sylvia finds him friendly and helpful, yet she becomes increasingly uneasy about him.

Then Sylvia’s little daughter wakes one night, screaming that there’s a man in her room. This is followed by a series of bizarre disturbances in the house. 

Sylvia’s husband insists it’s all in her mind, but she is certain it’s not – there’s something very wrong on the other side of the wall.

Full details are here on Amazon, along with reviews to date – thank you so much to all who have read the book, and for the lovely comments, tags and reviews!

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