Because I need cake

Because I am a therapist

Because I am a referee

Because I am (apparently) a “fun sponge”

Because I am a pack-mule

Because I am a (sub-standard) chef

Because I am a personal shopper (who gets it wrong)

Because I am a shoulder to cry on

Because I am the holder of the stationary

Because I am a (very under-qualified) medical consultant

Because I am a listener and a listener and a listener

Because I am exhausted

Because I am never enough

Because I am nevertheless enough

(And so are you)

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Author: Andrea Mara | Office Mum

Blogger, freelance writer, author, mother - muddling through and constantly looking for balance.

2 thoughts on “Because I need cake”

  1. This week there nearly wasn’t enough cake…. But there was. And we are enough. More than enough. We just need to believe that more often.

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