Bright Star Kids – Personalised Labels and Backpack Review

I’m in super-organisational-mode. It’s day three of summer holidays, and I’ve already washed the school uniforms. This is far better than Easter, when I found them at the bottom of the laundry basket the night before the kids were due back to school.

I’ve washed lunch boxes, and I fully intend to put them in the cupboard sometime before the weekend.

School-bags have been half emptied, though I ran out of ideas for where to put the 11 tonnes of artwork that came home (including some group project work that the eldest “won” in a raffle) so the bags were put away with some contents still in place – that may be something I regret in September.

We bought the school-books online AND collected them from the book-shop (eventually) AND checked them off against the book list. This thirty-second task hung over me for a week and a half, and made me feel a-maz-ing once it was done.

We’ve also got name labels for uniforms, because unlike the ones I bought the first year, I managed to put last year’s pack safely away, and on top of that, I remembered where I’d put them. My halo is positively glowing.

So when Bright Star Kids asked me if I’d like to review some of their personalised name labels, I didn’t want my supreme organisational skills to get in the way of trying them out. I had a look through their lovely website, and ordered packs of pencil labels for the girls. To date, we’ve opted for me writing names on little scraps of paper and sellotaping them on to pencils – we didn’t always label pencils but when both girls were coming home every single day with none left, it became necessary.

Bright Star Kids personalised name labels

The Bright Star Kids stickers are far superior to my homemade version – I went for purple and blue, one pack for each girl, and got them to promise to make them last for the rest of primary school. They were delighted, and eager to get started with the sticking on, except we only have three pencils in the house. Maybe my organisational skills are not so great after all.

Bright Star Kids do every kind of label you need – clothes labels (stick on and iron on), lunch box labels, shoe labels, and kits for school and pre-school with a mixture of everything. When I lose my current pack of uniform labels, I will definitely be back to get some from them.

I also chose a backpack for the three-year-old. He’s starting pre-school in September so it’s time he had a bag of his own, instead of the random shoppers we use for his colouring books and crayons at the moment.

Bright Star Kids backpack
Finally something just for him – third child

I loved the range on offer on Bright Star Kids – lots and lots of gender neutral bags with bees, ladybirds, owls, dogs, cats and sharks. We had a George-from-Peppa-Pig backpack for my eldest  a few years ago, and she loved it until she got laughed at in crèche for having a “boy bag” and wouldn’t use it anymore. So animals are all good.

bright star kids - backpack

I picked a giraffe for my smallie, since it’s his favourite animal. This week anyway. The bag is super quality, and a lovely size – just right for a three-year-old who won’t have too much to bring to pre-school but will feel very grown-up with his first ever back-pack.

He filled it with all the important things that three-year-old boys need to carry around – a truck, two crayons, a one-legged Barbie, a pair of socks, and a full pack of bagels.

bright star kids - office mum - trial run
trial run

The new backpack will double-up as his carry-on bag for our upcoming (and his first ever) flight this week – I’m hoping feeling grown-up will encourage him to act grown-up. Yes. That’s definitely going to work…

For more information on Bright Star Kids, check out their range on their website, or find them on social media:

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This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are mine and my kids.

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4 thoughts on “Bright Star Kids – Personalised Labels and Backpack Review”

  1. Our school buys the books and copies and we pay them, the convenience is great, previous to that it was a constant to and fro to the shops because all the books were never available all at the one time!
    My children are incapable of holding onto colouring pencils beyond the first week back. I love the giraffe 🙂
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  2. I love the giraffe backpack, so cute. I must get organised now and order some labels for September for Harry. He’s going into senior infants and badly needs labels on things, I’ve been very lazy in the past.

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