Emotions You Can’t Explain – The Domestic Edition

Did you see this list of emotions people experience but can’t explain? I loved it.

23 emotions

I thought of some others that I’d put on my own personal list – less philosophical, more prosaic:

Ijustcant: The annoyance you feel when you pass a pair of shoes on the stairs, knowing they’ve been there for two days and nobody has bothered picking them up, except you can’t bring yourself to pick them up either.

Airoflop: Getting off a flight and walking into arrivals, seeing all the people with signs who are waiting to greet passengers, and hoping one of them is for you, even when there’s absolutely no logic to it and it would in fact be really weird if a random person was holding a sign with your name.

Nontoxication: The anxiety you get when fumbling for your front door key while the taxi that just dropped you off is still outside your house, after having done such a good job acting sober all the way home.

Pickmeism: The tiny, tiny hope at any given awards ceremony/ prize giving/ raffle that your name will be called out, even when it’s very improbable, like while watching the Oscars on TV, the night after the live show.

Gamblerosis: Thinking of something you need to do or buy, contemplating writing it down because it’s important, then thinking “No, I won’t write it down, I’ll remember,” while knowing already that you definitely won’t remember.

Confessionism: Telling a story to someone, that you’ve already told to someone else, and feeling the need to say “As I said to…” even though it doesn’t matter at all because the second person didn’t hear you tell the story first time round. But if you don’t admit you said it before, it feels like cheating.

Autoguilt: Not stopping to let a car out from a side road, then seeing the car behind you stop to do it.

Battlelinesdrawn: Getting het up during an imagined argument that takes place only in your head – usually in anticipation of a criticism that hasn’t happened.

Makeupyourmindgap: Feeling annoyed on days when it’s raining then sunny then raining then sunny, and thinking it would be easier if it would just rain, except really knowing you don’t want it to rain all day.

Thinkingalouditis: Wondering if anyone will have any idea what you’re talking about.

Do you have any?

stairs - Office Mum



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20 thoughts on “Emotions You Can’t Explain – The Domestic Edition”

    1. I need a shoe drawer. Actually I have the drawer, I just need to make it shoe-friendly now… and no doubt the stairs will be covered in paperwork then. Books is the other one – always books on the stairs.

    1. Or, what about someone who is really good at doing dishes (which is of course fantastic) but always leaves two random things unwashed – usually lids of things … I don’t know why

    1. I don’t know why it matters so much for the taxi driver to think we’re sober but it really, really does!

  1. Autoguilt – I was wondering what that was called. It’s as hazardous as letting someone out. Occasionally, I’ll feel sorry for someone trying to get out from the other side of the road, but will grow ever anxious as the cars behind tire of my futile crusade as the cars fly past in the opposite direction. I can only guess they feel the autoguilt occasionally. And the airport – I’m more aeroflipflop. Crying and smiling at other people’s happy reunions and tearful departures. And I’ve never met any of them before in my life.

    I laughed at the confessionalism. What IS that all about? I bet I’ll do it more now after reading this.
    tendernessontheblock recently posted…In real lifeMy Profile

    1. Ooh yes, I love a good cry at the people’s airport reunions – especially the one they show on TV at Christmas. Did I just type Christmas…
      (I’m just realising that Confessionalism also applies to replying to blog comments)

  2. They’re super! I suffer from ijustcantism.. And I’ve a confession.. Sometimes when I’ve cleared something belonging to himself a few days in a row and want him to put it away without me having to say anything e.g. his bike helmet I put it really far under the stairs so it’s a hassle for him to get it out. Means I don’t have to be the nagging wife.. Not proud but it works. How did you get that confession out of me 😉

    1. Oh wow, love it! Now the question is – does it have a lasting effect – does he put his bike helmet away? I feel some experimenting coming on…

  3. I know the Ijustcant feeling only too well and I suffer terribly from Confessionism. Hilarious, I loved this!

    1. It’s gas isn’t it – I reckon it’s the most sentimental among us who just wish for that lovely reunion moment even when it’s highly unlikely. Actually, coming home from a short trip last November. my husband turned up with the three kids to surprise me – so there’s hope for all of us!

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